Videoscopes and Borescopes

Videoscopes and Borescopes

Our extensive selection of videoscopes allow you to inspect any inaccessible space easily and clearly, capturing real-time, quality, detailed high definition images.  Need to see into tricky or hard-to-see places? You’re guaranteed to find a suitable product within our large range of modular inspection cameras solutions.

Videoscopes, borescopes or industrial endoscopes have become a necessary tool for inspectors across a wide range of industries.  Essential for plumbers, aviation professionals, building inspectors, mine inspectors, renewable energy technicians...every field of application in industrial inspection.  

And the cost savings only increase over time as our videoscopes allow you to see parts of an engine without having to take it apart, or inside pipes without having to dismantle or excavate.  These versatile tools allow for easy, non-destructive testing and examinations of even the hardest to reach spaces.



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Yateks Q Series BorescopeYateks Q Series Borescope
Yateks Q Series Borescope
Sale priceFrom $9,000.00 AUD
Yateks M Series BorescopeYateks M Series Borescope
Yateks M Series Borescope
Sale priceFrom $2,950.00 AUD
Yateks P Series BorescopeYateks P Series Borescope
Yateks P Series Borescope
Sale priceFrom $10,650.00 AUD
Yateks B Series BorescopeYateks B Series Borescope
Yateks B Series Borescope
Sale price$0.00 AUD
Yateks M-ADV Series BorescopeYateks M-ADV Series Borescope
Yateks M-ADV Series Borescope
Sale price$0.00 AUD
Yateks M Series IR Infrared BorescopeYateks M Series IR Infrared Borescope
Yateks M-ADV Series UV Light BorescopeYateks M-ADV Series UV Light Borescope
Yateks P-Series UV Light BorescopeYateks P-Series UV Light Borescope
Yateks B+ Series BorescopeYateks B+ Series Borescope
Yateks B+ Series Borescope
Sale price$0.00 AUD
IT Concepts iRIS DVR 5 VideoscopeIT Concepts iRIS DVR 5 Videoscope
IT Concepts XLED VideoscopeIT Concepts XLED Videoscope
IT Concepts XLED Videoscope
Sale price$0.00 AUD
IT Concepts iRIS 7 Pro VideoscopeIT Concepts iRIS 7 Pro Videoscope
IT Concepts iRIS DVR XT Explosive Environment VideoscopeIT Concepts iRIS DVR XT Explosive Environment Videoscope
IT Concepts iLED VideoscopeIT Concepts iLED Videoscope
IT Concepts iLED Videoscope
Sale price$0.00 AUD
IT Concepts iLED Pro VideoscopeIT Concepts iLED Pro Videoscope
IT Concepts iLED Pro Videoscope
Sale price$0.00 AUD
IT Concepts iRIS DVR X VideoscopeIT Concepts iRIS DVR X Videoscope
IT Concepts iRIS X Pro VideoscopeIT Concepts iRIS X Pro Videoscope
IT Concepts XLED Pro VideoscopeIT Concepts XLED Pro Videoscope
IT Concepts XLED Pro Videoscope
Sale price$0.00 AUD
IT Concepts iFlex FibrescopeIT Concepts iFlex Fibrescope
IT Concepts iFlex Fibrescope
Sale price$0.00 AUD
IT Concepts microFLEX Ultra-thin FibrescopeIT Concepts microFLEX Ultra-thin Fibrescope
TVB Tech Wireless Side-View BorescopeTVB Tech Wireless Side-View Borescope
RF Systems NINJA-SCOPE (Standard)RF Systems NINJA-SCOPE (Standard)
RF Systems NINJA-SCOPE (Advanced)RF Systems NINJA-SCOPE (Advanced)


A videoscope is a remote visual inspection tool with a flexible optical tube to insert into bores, pipes, holes and cavities for visual inspection. They  are used for visual inspection work where the target area is inaccessible by other means, or where accessibility may require destructive, time consuming and/or expensive dismounting activities. A flexible Videoscope or Video Borescope is an advanced type of borescope that houses a very small image sensor embedded into the tip of the scope. The video image is relayed from the distal tip and focusable lens assembly back to the display via internal wiring. Several integral features include an insertion probe section, an articulated tip, articulation controls (up, down, left, right) on the control handle, a lighting bundle, a high intensity external light source and cable interface with outputs to the display (LCD or CRT) and an external media recording device such as a hard disk drive, CompactFlash card, USB flash drives or SD cards for storage. The system normally will record either live video or still photos.

Videoscopes are the more recent development in inspection camera technology  and are a type of borescope. Videoscopes are versatile, durable visual inspection tools that offer many advanced technological features, including micro video cameras, capturing higher resolution image quality that can be recorded as video or still image. 

Borescopes are simpler instruments, around since the early 60’s, and incorporate an insertion tube (usually rigid but can also be flexible) and a camera or optic fibres that transmit images to an eye-piece or basic monitor. 

Videoscopes, also known as industrial endoscopes, incorporate new technology and advanced features such as:

• image & video recording and management

• camera head articulation

• zoom and focus features

• camera head diameter options

• insertion probe length options

• annotation and commentary for images & videos

• object measurement & comparison options


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