Pipe Crawlers & Robot Cameras

Pipe Crawlers & Robot Cameras

Maintaining underground pipelines is crucial for many industries, including wastewater management, oil and gas, and councils. Any problems with pipelines can cause significant disruptions and pose a risk to public safety and environmental damage. Fortunately, the development of modern technology has brought significant advances in pipeline inspection and maintenance. A pipe crawler or robot inspection camera is a valuable tool for any pipeline inspections and maintenance.

A pipe crawler inspection camera is a waterproof device that allows you to visually inspect underground mainline sewer pipes. It differs from a push camera, because it is self-propelled and designed specifically for mainline or larger diameter pipe inspections, allowing for the detection of leaks and flaws quickly and accurately, saving time and money. 

Robot cameras can also be used to inspect mainline and sewer pipelines but depending on the model, are more adaptable and used in a variety of other fields where it’s necessary to remotely access hard-to-reach enclosed areas. Industries such as mining, building inspection, non-destrucitve testing (NDT) and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems use robot cameras to access tight spaces with low-clearance heights.

Pipe crawlers and robot inspection cameras are crucial pieces of equipment for a range of industries, providing improved safety, efficiency, and accuracy compared to traditional inspection methods.



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IRIS (Integrated Remote Inspection System) Pipe Crawler Robotic Inspection Camera Iris Portable Mainline Sewer Camera Crawler System


Pipe inspection robots are self-propelled camera systems, free to inspect every point along a section of pipe and can travel several hundreds of meters, around bends and up vertical sections.  The robot is often connected to it’s control unit via a cable and controlled using a digital controller.

CCTV pipe inspection employs robotic camera equipment to detect problems in your pipes.  The cameras used in CCTV pipe inspections can be fed into pipes of all sizes and accurately see the reason for a blockage or problem.

• Pan & tilt camera head

• Motorised with tough, tractioned wheels/tyres

• Extremely strong cable

• Variable speeds

• Digital controller

• Distance counter and display

• Multiple recording options


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