Sewer Inspection Camera

Should you invest in a Sewer Inspection Camera?

Sewer inspection cameras have become an essential tool for plumbers, contractors and maintenance professionals. Save time and money by knowing the precise location and cause of the problem in real-time. But is the investment worth it?
Aviation Borescope Inspection Camera

Don't Fly Blind with Aircraft Maintenance

Without eyes inside engine components technicians are flying blind. An Aviation Borescope is a vital tool to detect cracks, buildup, corrosion, damaged pistons, inspect brakes, inside wings and more. Having a state-of-the-art video inspection camera on hand means quick non-destructive testing and visibility of hard-to-reach spaces to make informed maintenance decisions. Read more on the benefits, types and our great range...
Borehole, shaft, well, reservoir inspection cameras
Borehole Camera

Borehole Cameras | Designed to withstand tough conditions

Borehole cameras are utilised in relatively hostile environments which is why they are purpose-built in design to provide detailed visual information of critical areas without inspectors having to enter confined often high-risk spaces. 
Building inspection camera. Instrustrial Imaging Solutions. Videoscope cameras for builders, engineers, plumbers, electricians, and site maintenance managers
Building Inspection Camera

Industrial Imaging Solutions | Cameras for building, construction & maintenance.

In the building and construction industry, there is an increasing requirement to visually inspect and document work and project completion prior to handover. Industrial endoscope cameras are a must-have piece of equipment that can make all the difference between having a safe and secure building, or being left with a disaster waiting to happen.
Yateks Q Series | Advanced Inspection Camera System
Videoscope Camera

Yateks Q Series | Advanced Inspection Camera System

Videoscope camera inspection does not need to be complicated, nor does it require a third-party inspection company to carry out the work. Save time and money by investing in the right visual inspection equipment upfront.
Veterinary Endoscope Inspection Camera
Veterinary Endoscope

Non-invasively monitor and treat animals with a veterinary endoscope.

The V Series veterinary endoscope by Yateks, has been specifically designed for non-invasive monitoring and treatment of animals. Designed for quick and easy use, having the veterinary endoscope inspection camera in your practice will allow for less referrals (via in-house diagnoses), less stress and discomfort for patients when compared with surgical procedures, decreased anaesthetic time, faster recovery times and more efficient patient management ‚Äď great for the animal, the owner and the veterinarian.
CCTV Pipe Inspection Camera
Pipe and Drain Inspection Camera

Work Smarter with a Pipe Inspection Camera

CCTV pipe inspection cameras are a valuable visual inspection tool for drainage and sewer systems. Often it is difficult to locate where and to what degree damage has been caused by a fault or blockage. Minimise downtime, save time & money and prevent unnecessary works being carried out with a pipe inspection camera.
Maintain and extend the life of your videoscope
Videoscope Camera

Maintain and extend the life of your videoscope

Videoscopes, borescopes or industrial inspection cameras have become a vital piece of equipment to perform inspections, maintenance and non-destructive testing of hard to reach spaces to promptly find hidden dangers and eliminate them. But, when was the last time you inspected your videoscope? Avoid costly mistakes with regular cleaning and maintenance of your video inspection camera. We've pulled together a few top tips to extend the life of your videoscope inspection camera.
Aviation Maintenance Inspection Camera

Advantages and uses of industrial endoscopes

Industrial endoscopes, also known as industrial video endoscopes, borescopes or videoscopes - are powerful inspection tools that have become a necessary piece of equipment to promptly find hidden dangers and eliminate them. While endoscopes are actual medical devices used to view internal organs in a non-surgical way, they can also be a versatile tool for easy non-destructive testing (NDT) and examinations of even the hardest to reach spaces.


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