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Borehole cameras are utilised in relatively hostile environments which is why they are purpose-built in design to provide detailed visual information of critical areas without inspectors having to enter confined often high-risk spaces. 

Borehole cameras or well cameras are purpose-built, watertight cameras used as inspection tools to investigate top-down inaccessible environments such as wells, reservoirs, boreholes, downholes, shafts, pipes, tanks and mineshafts for casing integrity, contaminants, or blockages. Borehole cameras have also been particularly useful in search and rescue operations.
Designed to provide visual confirmation of inaccessible areas without inspectors having to enter confined often high-risk spaces, borehole cameras provide visual information to assist in maintenance, repair or search and rescue decisions. All data can be captured with pictures or streaming video on the removable SD card or USB drives.  
Borehole inspection cameras are lightweight, compact and portable all-in-one imaging systems designed to withstand the toughest field conditions with options of cable lengths ranging from 100 to 1000 meters. Constructed to provide enough built-in lighting to clearly see the inspection area as ambient light cannot be introduced. Many downhole camera solutions offer a flexible cable as the vertical inspection is downward and does not require the standard rigidity that is offered in push cameras. 

Given wells, boreholes and shafts can be more than 100 meters deep these inspection camera systems keep cable on a reel with winch or a pulley that allows the operator to lower cable to the inspection area as well as to retrieve or roll up the cable to remove the camera from the inspection area. 
If you are introducing the borehole inspection camera into a well, reservoir or shaft that has deep water, check the camera head is waterproof for the depth required. If your downhole inspection camera is not designed to withstand the high pressure, it will fail.
Our range of underwater borehole inspection cameras are compact, robust and easy to use. Speak to our team of experts today to work out the best inspection camera solution for you.

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