Pipe Cameras & Push Cameras

Pipe Cameras & Push Cameras

Pipe inspection cameras, also known as push cameras, are a functional and valuable tool for a wide range of fields and industries. Used by plumbers, engineers, councils and critical infrastructure support personnel, these devices allow visual access and inspection of areas that would normally be inaccessible.

It can be really difficult to detect where and to what degree a fault or a blockage is in inaccessible areas such as underground sewage systems, stormwater networks, pipelines, drains, ducts etc.  Pipe inspection cameras are invaluable in accurately detecting these issues, minimising downtime and saving time and money.

Our selection of pipe cameras are technologically advanced, capturing high-definition, data-rich video and images, enabling you to identify the nature and location of the issue in real-time, saving hours of work, stress and costs.  Designed to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, our high-quality cameras are a must-have for plumbers, builders, construction inspectors, engineers, local councils, mining companies, any industry where pipes feature.



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Wohler VIS350 Pipe Inspection CameraWohler VIS350 Pipe Inspection Camera
Wohler VIS350 Pipe Inspection Camera
Sale price$4,280.00 AUD
Wohler VIS500 Pipe Inspection CameraWohler VIS500 Pipe Inspection Camera
Wohler VIS500 Pipe Inspection Camera
Sale price$5,950.00 AUD
Wohler VIS700 Pipe Inspection Camera (Standard Configuration)Wohler VIS700 Pipe Inspection Camera (Standard Configuration)
Wohler VIS700 Pipe Inspection Camera (Mining Configuration)Wohler VIS700 Pipe Inspection Camera (Mining Configuration)
TVB Tech 3399F Pipe Inspection Camera
TVB Tech 3299F Pipe Inspection Camera
Insight Vision Opticam Pipe Inspection CameraInsight Vision Opticam Pipe Inspection Camera


Yes…pipe and push cameras are interchangeable terms for an inspection camera system typically used for pipe, sewer, drain, culvert, tunnel, and cavity inspections

Pipe and push cameras incorporate:

• Base unit with monitor and controls

• Cable or “pushrod” – lengths from 20M to 120M

• Camera head - forward-facing and/or pan & tilt

Typical applications for pipe or push cameras are:

• Plumbing


• Mining

• Construction

• Engineering

The ability to take razor-sharp video and images from all angles and identify exactly where the fault or blockage is, is extremely important to a successful result.  The following highlight what to look for when choosing the correct camera for your needs.

• High definition video and still images

• Camera head control

• Focus control

• Position and angle of camera

• Location transmitter

• Full colour monitor

• Length of pushrod

• Image storage

• Powerful rechargeable battery


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