Industrial imaging incorporates a range of ways to inspect or view products, materials, components, structures, systems, and machinery.

Industrial imaging can be undertaken as part of preventative maintenance, scheduled maintenance, problem detection, manufacturing processes, non-destructive testing, and whenever image access is required where physical access is limited or unavailable.

Industrial imaging requirements are many and varied and incorporate a range of imaging solutions:

Pipe, drain & cavity inspections (pipe or push camera systems)

Engines, vehicles, aircraft, seacraft, turbines, gearboxes, plant & equipment (videoscopes, borescopes)

Boreholes, mine-shafts (borehole / downhole camera systems)

Container, cavity, vehicle, vessel (telescopic pole camera solutions)Mine geomorphology and mine-shaft wall inspections (push camera systems)

Long pipe, drain, culvert inspections (robot crawler/camera systems)

Underwater inspections of any nature (waterproof camera solutions)

Small aperture or access point inspections (microfine fibrescopes)

Potentially explosive environment inspections (Ex-rated videoscopes)

Pest inspections (flexible and semi-rigid videoscopes)

Fauna habitat inspections (flexible and semi-rigid videoscopes, telescopic pole camera solutions)

The terms borescope, videoscope and industrial endoscope are almost synonymous today. They are terms used to describe very similar visual inspection equipment.

Borescopes have been around since the early 1960’s and are a basic visual inspection tool incorporating an insertion tube (usually rigid but can also be flexible) and a camera or optic fibres that transmit images to an eye-piece or basic monitor.

Videoscopes and industrial endoscopes are modernised borescopes that incorporate new technology and advanced features such as:i

mage & video recording and management

camera head articulation

zoom and focus features

camera head diameter options

insertion probe length options

annotation and commentary for images & videos

object measurement & comparison options

Yes…pipe and push cameras are interchangeable terms for an inspection camera system typically used for pipe, sewer, drain, culvert, tunnel, and cavity inspections

Pipe and push cameras incorporate:

Base unit with monitor and controls

Cable or “pushrod” – lengths from 20M to 120M

Camera head - forward-facing and/or pan & tilt

Typical applications for pipe or push cameras are:






Inline Industrial are the authorised repair centre for Wöhler in the Australasian region and have a fully equipped workshop, parts, and expertise to repair Wöhler pipe and push camera systems.

Most other pipe and push cameras can be assessed and repaired in our Sydney workshop.

Repairs for videoscopes, borescopes and industrial endoscopes are fully managed by Inline Industrial.

Depending on the issue being encountered, the damaged or non-working videoscope may have to be returned to the manufacturer for assessment and repair, with Inline Industrial managing each step of the repair process

All of our pipe and push camera solutions, and videoscopes, borescopes and industrial endoscopes are covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Some of our product ranges have extended warranty options.

Yes…the majority of our videoscope range allows for a single base unit and multiple insertion probes with differing camera head diameters and lengths.

Yes…our Wöhler inspection systems have interchangeable camera heads for different applications:

26mm diameter forward-facing camera head

40mm diameter pan & tilt camera head

All of our pipe / push cameras allow for replacement or additional camera heads.

Yes…all of our pipe / push cameras have a range of accessories, such as:

Camera head protectors

Roller skids

Centering devices

Replacement camera head domes

Camera head sondes / transmitters

Camera head locators

Supplementary lighting

Yes…please don’t hesitate to contact us for to discuss our easy-to-use finance options.

Yes…please don’t hesitate to contact us for any assistance that may be required


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