Borehole Cameras

Borehole Cameras

Borehole Cameras are purpose-built, watertight cameras used as solution tools to inspect top down inaccessible places such as wells, reservoirs, boreholes, downholes, shafts, pipes, tanks and mineshafts for casing integrity, contaminants or blockages. Borehole cameras can also be used during search & rescue operations.  

They are a lightweight, compact and portable all-in-one imaging system, designed to withstand the toughest field conditions, with options of lengths ranging from 100 to 1000 meters.



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RCU Underwater LIS 100 Borehole CameraRCU Underwater LIS 100 Borehole Camera
RCU Underwater HDS-300 Manual Borehole CameraRCU Underwater HDS-300 Manual Borehole Camera
RCU Underwater MIS-500 PW Borehole Camera (Portable)RCU Underwater MIS-500 PW Borehole Camera (Portable)
PASI V2 Borehole Inspection CameraPASI V2 Borehole Inspection Camera
PASI V2 Borehole Inspection Camera
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Borehole cameras are watertight camera systems that have been engineered to withstand the high pressures and chemical challenges of deep well inspections and other types of bore inspections.

• Portable or mountable motor driven systems

• Practical wheeled cart w/ telescopic boom

• Down-view and dual-view cameras

• Attached controller or with own tough case

• Emergency operation by crank handle

• Up to 1000m cables

• Customisation as necessary


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