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General Inspection Cameras

General inspection cameras are ideal for quick, qualitative inspections of hard-to-reach places. Also known as pole cameras, these systems have long extendable poles, are lightweight, modular and portable.  

The rigid flexible camera neck makes it very convenient to adjust the direction the camera is facing and can be used vertically and horizontally for work above ground or below. These inspection tools can be used across a variety of industries and in multitudes of applications such as roof and building inspections, inventory checks, gutter cleaning, wildlife surveying, wells, chimney’s, tunnel and manhole inspection, heavy equipment inspection, automotive, customs inspections, surveillance, renewable energy maintenance etc.

General inspection cameras take still photos or record a video of the inspection allowing you to inspect the area of interest and to decide whether or not any further action is necessary. Plus night vision scopes and infrared lighting are available on certain models.

The time and money saved by using a pole camera system can be significant. You can save on climbing ladders, or costly scaffolding or inspection towers, which are required by the government’s health & safety legislation. It’s a considerably safer option than physically trying to inspect an awkward space.



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