RCU Underwater MIS-500 PW Borehole Camera (Portable)
RCU Underwater MIS-500 PW Borehole Camera (Portable)


RCU Underwater MIS-500 PW Borehole Camera (Portable)

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Cable Length:500m

The MIS-500 motor driven borehole inspection camera is designed by RCU can  withstand the toughest of conditions. The inspection system features a rugged electric winch that allows the cable to reach up to 500 metres and the integrated camera relays high quality images and the robust controller is easy to use.

The MIS-500 is the complete borehole inspection unit.


  • Complete system for deep boreholes
  • Heavy-duty steel plate construction
  • High-quality, purpose-built camera head options
  • Simple-to-use system controls
  • 500kg-strength aramid-reinforced cable - with variable speed control (forward & reverse)
  • Easy recording of video/images with in-system storage and management

Base Kit Inclusions

  • Display / Control Console
  • Cable on 2 or 4 wheeled cart
  • Cart is powder-painted steel plate
  • Camera head/s: choose either or both Inspecam LX (Down-view) / Inspecam R-Dual (Down and Side view)
  • 500kg-strength aramid-reinforced cable
  • Variable speed motorised reel - rewind & payout
  • Distance counter & display
  • Centering device
  • Power & data cables

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