Sewer Inspection Camera

Should you invest in a Sewer Inspection Camera?

Sewer inspection cameras have become an essential tool for plumbers, contractors and maintenance professionals. Save time and money by knowing the precise location and cause of the problem in real-time. But is the investment worth it?

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A sewer inspection camera also known as a plumbing camera, sewer camera or drain pipe camera is designed to be inserted into pipes and sewer lines. These CCTV drain cameras are attached to long, flexible cable that can be fed through pipe or sewage systems. The camera then sends live video feed to a monitor, allowing for quick and accurate diagnosis.

What are the benefits of a Sewer Inspection Camera?

Quick diagnosis

One of the advantages of using a sewer inspection camera is increased efficiency. With a camera, view pipelines and sewer systems to quickly identify problems, saving time and money on repairs. Utilising an inspection camera will enable issues to be identified early, improving efficiencies by reducing the amount of time spent on a job, using fewer tools and less effort.

Accurate assessment

Sewer inspection cameras are designed to provide images and video footage with clarity. This means the condition of pipes and sewer lines, blockages or leaks can be easily identified deep underground, even before problems occur.


Why dig when you may not need too? Sewer inspection cameras will visually inspect hard-to-reach spaces without the need to disrupt the surrounding area. Once the issue has been identified the appropriate course of action can be taken.

Cost effective

Identifying problems quickly and accurately, allows problems to be fixed before they come more serious and expensive to repair. The use of a sewer inspection camera can also eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming excavation work when it’s not required.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By using a sewer inspection camera you can provide visual evidence of the problem and the solution, by giving your customers peace of mind.


Sewer inspection cameras are versatile tools that can be used for a wide range of applications.

What types of applications can a Sewer Inspection Camera be useful for?

Plumbing  Inspections Allows plumbers to see inside pipes and identify problems such as blockages, leaks and corrosion. A plumbing inspection camera allows plumbers to share footage with clients to provide concrete evidence that the recommended repair or maintenance is necessary.
Local Area Council Sewer Inspections Allows municipalities to easily inspect sewage systems as part of their regular maintenance protocols in order to identify potential problems before they become major issues.
Industrial Inspections Allows manufacturing plants and refineries to inspect pipes without the need to disassemble parts.


So is the investment in a Sewer Inspection Camera worth it?

Absolutely! With quick and accurate diagnosis, plan maintenance and repairs with confidence, saving time and money.

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