Yateks M Series Infrared Borescope Videoscope Inspection Camera
Yateks M Series Infrared Borescope Videoscope Inspection Camera with 360 degree articulation


Yateks M Series IR Infrared Borescope

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Camera/Probe Diameter:6.0mm
Insertion Probe Length:1m

In the process of criminal investigation and security work, how to skillfully and secretly observe a target environment plays an essential role.

The Yateks M Series IR infrared industrial borescope is a customised endoscope camera specifically designed for use in security surveillance, criminal investigations, search and rescue operations and border defence.

Based on mechanical control of 360° rotation, the infrared borescope can reduce noise to the lowest level. With a 6mm infrared night vision lens, the inspection camera can achieve 10-meter/20-meter effective observation distance under a completely dark environment, in order to lower the risk of observers.


  • Infrared 'night vision' (effective up to 20m)
  • 360° camera head articulation
  • Up to ~170° camera tip return on itself
  • 4-way camera tip control via mechanical joystick
  • Insertion probe is comprised of wear-resistant tungsten wire
  • Effective pixels: 450,000
  • 9cm screen on handset
  • Super-bright LED lighting (6 settings)
  • Image zoom function
  • Forward-facing camera with up to110° field of view
  • Depth of field/focus – 7mm to 80mm or 3mm to 30mm
  • Still and video image recording to system SD card (SD Card reader supplied)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Two supplied with one battery required for system use.

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