Body Worn Cameras

Body Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras (BWC) have a range of uses and designs, particularly beneficial for frontline workers in the police, fire and military fields. Body cameras enhance safety, increase transparency, improve trust between officers and the public, provide training opportunities and protect against false allegations of misconduct.

These small, lightweight portable body cameras can be easily attached to uniforms and are designed to capture video, audio and GPS footage.

Wearable body cameras have proven to be invaluable for training purposes. The recorded footage can be used as a training resource to analyse scenarios and identify areas for improvement.

The use of mobile personal surveillance cameras act as a safeguard for both law enforcement and civillians. The availability of high quality, cost effective devices has seen increased use in a range of applications such as public transportation, healthcare, remote workers, emergency service responders. As such, on-body cameras have become an increasingly common tool in the arsenal of those who work to keep our communities safe.



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ZEPCAM T2+ Bodycam body worn security cameraZEPCAM T2+ Bodycam body worn security camera
ZEPCAM T2+ Bodycam
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Regulatory agencies throughout Australia and internationally now use body worn cameras (BWCs) to provide extra security, transparency, and for use as evidence.

Research shows that the use of BWCs has many benefits including:  

• deterring negative behaviour

• making it easier to review conduct complaints

• reducing how often offenders refuse to pay infringements (and instead choose to go to court) 

• providing supporting evidence in the investigation of breaches of legislation 

• deterring bribes offered to inspectors

• Increase the efficiency of people management

• Enhance the protection of property or assets

Yes, body-worn cameras have been shown to result in higher rates of compliance to officer commands during law enforcement encounters.

Yes, body-worn cameras result in greater transparency and accountability and thus lessen the likelihood of people complaining and alleging poor behaviour by police and security personnel without being certain.  They also assist in more speedy resolution of complaints.

When looking at purchasing a body camera, make sure to consider the following:

• Size - compact, unobtrusive and lightweight

• Easily attach to clothing

• Camera lens with wide angle of view

• Robust and suitable for variety of weather conditions

• Long battery life

• Decent resolution

• Large data storage capacity

• Night vision & infrared for those in security and military professions


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